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    December 15, 2012 by Revitalizer

    The Wiki will now relay updates about new content/features/ect... on the Excite Wiki through blog posts. This is a list of all prior updates.

    April 21 2011/ New Affiliate Wikis
    The Excite Wiki now has two new Affiliate Wikis: the Baten Kaitos Wiki and Kid Icarus Wiki. Check out more information about our Affiliate Wikis on the Affiliate Wikis page.
    April 16 2011/ New Administration
    My name is Revitalizer and I've been granted an adoption by the Wikia staff. That means I'm now an Administrator and Bureaucrat here at the Excite Wiki. I look forward to improving the Wiki and hopefully letting others know about its existence.
    April 11 2011/ Trucks
    I've added a complete list of vehicles in Excite Truck.
    March 26 2011/ Bots, Truck, and Rally Courses
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